Established in 1975

Dedicated to advancing public health and quality of life in Ontario

Contact Information

The best way to get in touch with the OVCA is by email. We will try to respond to any questions or inquiries in a timely manner.


Address: 9742 Burk Line, Blenheim, Ontario. N0P 1A0


Dr. Barry Tyler

President - Pestalto Evironmental Health Services Inc

501 Rennie St.

Hamilton, Ontario

L8H 3P6, Canada

Toll Free (in Canada): (866) 648-7773


Paul Zimmer

President - Zimmer Air Services Inc.

9706 Burk Line

Blenheim, Ontario

N0P 1A0, Canada

Tel: 519-676-9550

Fax: 519-676-9552




Mike Baskerville

Manager of Development Engineering - Town of Georgina

26557 Civic Centre Road

Keswick, Ontario

L4P 3G1, Canada

Tel: (905) 476-4305 Ext. 2225

Fax: (905) 476-6902


Stephen Nicholson

Sales Manager. Forest Health - Valent BioSciences Corporation

Tel: (613) 376-1070

Fax: (613) 376-1069

Cell: (613) 539-1977


Bill Huff

Professional Forester with expertise in biting fly control